Shortdatefood was born of the belief that the well-being of communities and businesses alike are linked and that neither can prosper without the other. Therefore, in times when money is scarce, people struggle to make ends meet and businesses find it difficult to meet the bottom line we have formed a bridge to help both parties thrive.

Shortdatefood is a vehicle for conservation, change and good toward those in need and a driving force for business innovation and improvement. Each year businesses dispose of millions of pounds of good food that end up feeding landfills instead of families in need.

Shortdatefood provides an on-line environment where grocery stores and restaurants list good food that may be near its expiration or use-by date FOR SALE AT OR NEAR COST. Customers are given the ability to go on-line and PURCHASE FOOD AT OR NEAR COST.

Grocers benefit by reclaiming inventory investments that would have been lost, growing their customer base, helping their community and saving the environment. Customers benefit by finding good food at reasonable prices, supporting local business that employ their neighbors and making their hard earned dollars go even further.

Shortdatefood brings grocers, restaurants and customers together for the mutual benefit of all!